Kanawha County school system says 11 schools report possible mold

School officials say 11 Kanawha County schools report finding mold. (MGN Online)

Kanawha County School officials announced in a news conference Tuesday that 11 schools in the district have reported possible issues with mold.

Currently the school start time is not affected, and officials are working to clear the mold out.

School officials are working with Belfor Restoration, a company they have worked with for the past several years, to clean the mold and make sure the levels are safe for students to head back to school.

We're getting this taken care of," Director of Maintenance for Kanawha County schools Terry Hollandsworth said. "If we find there is an issue or a problem as school starts we will make a decision that is in the best interest of the children."

General Manager of Belfor Restoration in West Virginia Robert Bonham said they are working at each school where mold was reported.

"Health and safety is our primary concern," Bonham said. "We are also going through a discovery process. We walk through and check specific areas that we know might be problematic based on our experience."

Lead school nurse Brenda Isaac explained everyone reacts to mold differently. Some people may not be bothered by it. Others may have a reaction whether it is mild or severe.

"This will not be a problem for most kids," Isaac said. "Some kids may have allergy or respiratory problems."

If students notice a reaction after returning to school Isaac said they are prepared to move students to other rooms, and answer questions any family members or students may have."

"If teachers or students start to notice symptoms of allergies they can alert us, and they can also talk to their healthcare provider."

School officials said a combination of things are causing the mold issues. Some schools have aging heating and cooling systems. Other causes are the high amounts of rain and humidity the area has experienced this summer.

The following are the results of mold found in the 11 schools.

St. Albans High School has cleaned mold in the library, computer lab and counselor suite, according to school district officials. As a precaution, 12 other classrooms also were cleaned. Air quality testing was done Monday, and the county is now awaiting results.

Nitro High School has been cleared after mold was found in the auditorium. Astar Abatement cleaned the room. Air quality tests have come back from the auditorium, and no elevated levels of mold were found.

Capital High School is still waiting on the results of a a second air quality test after cleaning 30 academic spaces. Eight rooms still showed elevated levels of mold in air quality testing. Belfor has competed a second round of cleaning and additional air quality tests have been submitted. The results have not yet come back.

Sissonville High School is still working to clean mold found in two classrooms, the band room, football press box and bathrooms. Classroom were cleaned as a precaution, and the band room and football areas are still being cleaned.

George Washington High School's initial air quality tests showed no elevated levels of mold in its auditorium . Precautionary cleaning was completed, however.

Horace Mann and Laidley Field had reports of mold in the locker room and football equipment. Belfor has evaluated and will being cleaning Wednesday. Some items are being sent out for cleaning.

Flinn Elementary School will complete additional cleaning after reports of mold in eight classroom. Six classrooms have been cleaned, but two of the rooms require more cleaning.

Bridge-Clendenin Elementary School plans to bring in Astar Abatement Wednesday to start cleaning 10 portable classrooms, where mold was reported.

Sharon Dawes Elementary School started cleaning six classrooms on Tuesday. School officials are awaiting air quality testing.

East Bank Middle School School is waiting for final testing after a classroom and computer lab were cleaned Tuesday.

Alum Creek Elementary School is cleaning five classrooms Tuesday. Additional air quality testing still needs to be done.

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