11 grandmas make up new unit of Charleston Police Department

Eleven women make up the first ever Grandma Unit with the Charleston Police Department. Their mission is to spread hugs and love. (WCHS/WVAH)

They are not going to be out arresting people or pulling you over, but make no mistake, these women make up the newest unit at the Charleston Police Department. They are ready to hit the ground running.

"When we're given something to do, we take it seriously and we keep up with it,” said Karen Smith, one of the newest members of the Grandma Unit.

These grandmas are going to be busy carrying out their mission of spreading love and hugs -- something these grandmas say should never be in short supply.

"Sometimes, I'm not feeling good or I'm feeling low and somebody will give me a hug, and I'll feel better and then I'll share my hug with someone else,” Smith said.

The members of the grandma unit understand how important spreading love is because at one point during their lives all 11 women were victims of elder abuse or domestic violence. Now they all live at the YWCA.

YWCA Program Director Kyla Nichols said the women "are super loving ladies. That just really do like interaction with everyone. They love to party.”

Nichols said she is grateful to the Charleston Police Department for creating the grandma unit. The officers said it's going to do as much for them as it is the grandmas.

"Oh, my goodness it's a win for everybody," said Cpl. Errol Randle of the Charleston Police Department. "They feel good by doing it, and they want to do it. That's what helps this awesome partnership.”

So, if you get pulled over buy one of the women in the G-Unit, put down your phone or your bags and get ready for a hug.

"That really is awesome that they would pick us to be a unit,” Smith said.

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