Son of heavy metal music icon talks about his multiple sclerosis


Millions suffer from multiple sclerosis, including the son of a heavy metal music icon who is now on a mission to increase the understanding of multiple sclerosis. In 2012, Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

"It affected me in a really kind of weird way. I was totally freaked out. I wasn't expecting this. What does it mean? You also go through a weird phase of mourning to a degree," said Jack Osbourne.

To get more information about M.S. to people with the disease, he is producing webisodes called "You Don't Know Jack about M.S.". "Let's help educate people about m-s and dispel a lot of these myths and do it through entertainment," said Osbourne.

"It's fantastic when we have people who will take that leap to discuss their health care issues," said Doctor Paul Ferguson, Chairman of the Neurology Department at Marshall Health.

He says when celebrities like Jack Osbourne talk openly about their multiple sclerosis, it helps in the treatment of new M.S. patients, showing them they can still lead normal lives.

"M.S. is not a crippling disease anymore. Many patients can go on to live a fantastic quality of life with little or no neurologic disability," said Dr. Ferguson.


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