Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center doing 3D mammograms

Mammograms at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center are now being done in 3D. (WCHS/WVAH)

The Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center at Cabell-Huntington Hospital has a new unit that's helping women facing a breast cancer scare find peace of mind.

"The breast lies here just like taking a mammagram," said Breast Oncology Surgeon Dr. Jack Traylor, showing off the new 3-D Mammogram Biopsy Unit. After numbing the area, a needle is used to biopsy the tumor.

"We dial in exactly the location by computer where that lesion is," said Dr. Traylor.

He says the process is quicker and more precise as well as less invasive and less painful. In fact, patients go back to work after it's done. "It finds much earlier breast cancers. We can find them a millimeter in size and then we can treat them and that gets them earlier, less chance of having chemotherapy," said Dr. Traylor.

"I didn't know what to expect," said Callie Cicenas of Kenova. She has had breast cancer for about a year. She found a lump in her breast on Friday, worried about it all weekend. She had a mammagram the following Monday morning and had the results that evening.

"Tuesday I had a biopsy, the 3-D biopsy with Dr. Traylor. By Thursday I had the results. Friday I had a pet scan and a double mascectomy two weeks later," said Callie.

Without the 3-D unit patients like Callie may have to wait a couple months for test results. "It's sheer agony. You just want to know exactly what the problem is. Let's figure out how we can fix it and let's go to work," said Callie.

Dr. Traylor says he can take several pictures and tissue samples using the unit. "Can see all the way through the breast with different levels, so it's finding very small early cancers," said Dr. Traylor.

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