Department of Neurology at Marshall Health gets national multiple sclerosis award

The Department of Neurology at Marshall Health has received national attention for their “one stop shopping” concept for treating multiple sclerosis patients.

“As a physician I can’t know everything about every aspect of a person’s health, healthcare and delivery of overall best quality of life,” said Doctor Paul Ferguson, Chairman of the Department of Neurology says clinical pharmacists, physical therapists, social workers and nurses certified in multiple sclerosis care are all part of the team that takes care of multiple sclerosis patients. That’s why the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has awarded the department their Partner In Care Award.

“It’s a distinction that truly shows our dedication to caring for the patients with multiple sclerosis. Not just in the clinical care but globally with everything they need to manage this condition,” said Dr. Ferguson.

The award comes as Dr. Ferguson says new medicines and treatments could become available in 2017, but he admits there’s no cure yet for m-s.

“I’m excited because it’s finally a condition that we can actually manage more than just symptoms. We can really in certain patients we can eradicate the disease process. We can stop the progression to where they can live a normal life,” said Dr. Ferguson.

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