Fugitive Files 6/20/2017

Anthony Underwood, Amy Lanham, Rudolph Lee III

Anthony Underwood is wanted for burglary, fraud, and uttering. Saint Albans police say he broke into his grandmother's home and stole her TV. They say he pawned it for $60. Underwood is 6'1", 158 pounds and his last known address is on Bard Avenue in Saint Albans.

Amy Lanham's furlough has been revoked on underlying charges of attempted burglary by breaking and entering. She's accused of breaking into a home and stealing clothes and money. Lanham's height and weight are unknown but her last known address is on Alexander Street in Cedar Grove.

Rudolph Lee III is wanted in Kanawha and Jackson Counties for third offense shoplifting. He is 5'11", 138 pounds and his last known address is on main street in Charleston.

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