Fugitive Files 6/13/2017

Erica Ratliff, James McDaniel, Jr., Jeremy Miller

Erica Dawn Ratliff is wanted for one count of obtaining under false pretenses and 14 counts of forgery and uttering. In May, Charleston police say Ratliff used someone else's identification and opened a checking account. They say she also cashed several checks after forging someone else's signature. In total, Ratliff got away with about $4,000. She's 5'3", 165 pounds and her last known address is on Upper Vine Street in Charleston but she may be staying in the Campbell's Creek area.

United States Marshals are looking for James McDaniel, Jr. He's wanted for violating federal parole on underlying charges of selling amphetamines. McDaniel is 5'9", 210 pounds and his last known address is unknown.

Jeremy Miller is wanted for escaping home confinement. He was released from jail on June 12, 2017 and on his way home, a witness saw him throwing a bag out of the window of a car he was in driving in though South Charleston. Inside the bag was his newly issued ankle monitor. This is the third time he's escaped home confinement after posting bond. Miller is 5'9", 190 pounds and his last known address is on Asbrough Lane in Sissonville.

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