Fugitive Files 5/1/2018

Jonathan Cavender, Jason Hanshaw, Troy Allen

Jonathan Cavender is wanted for a probation violation on an underlying second degree robbery charge. Police say he robbed the Exxon One Stop in South Charleston and told the clerk he had a gun and would blow her head off. Cavender is 5'5", 175 pounds and his last known address is on West Washington Street in Charleston.

Jason Hanshaw is wanted for transferring and receiving stolen goods. Police say he pawned $1,400 worth of tools that had been reported stolen earlier the same day. Hanshaw is 5'9", 160 pounds and his last known address is on Glenwood Avenue in Charleston.

Troy Allen is violating his probation on an underlying daytime burglary charge. Deputies say he broke into a home and stole jewelry and a gun. Allen is 6'0" and his last known address is on Witcher Creek Road in Belle.

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