Fugitive Files 4/3/2018

Jeremie Williams, Christopher Ramsey, Erin Spradling

Registered sex offender Jeremie Williams is wanted for a home confinement violation on an underlying first degree sexual abuse charge. Williams served six months in prison and is on 10 years of extended supervision but now he's no where to be found. Home confinement officers asked him for a urine samples at their office but they say he bolted out the door, jumped in a van and then cut off his ankle monitor. His victim was a young girl. Williams is 5'9", 242 pounds and his last known address is on Coal River Road in Saint Albans but deputies say he could be staying somewhere along John Roberts Road in South Charleston. UPDATE: Deputies found Williams staying in a camper by Witcher Creek after getting a tip. He was arrested on 4/4/18.

Erin Spradling is wanted on an underlying burglary charge. Charleston police say she was caught breaking into someone's basement after cutting their lock with bolt cutters. Police found her hiding along the banks of the Kanawha River but now she's not showing up to court. Spradling is 5'10", 170 pounds.

Christopher Ramsey is wanted for failure to appear on a grand larceny charge. Police say he worked with an employee at Walmart to steal merchandise, including a laptop worth more than $1,300. Police the Walmart employee told Ramsey he would unlock the security devices and buy the stolen goods from him for half price. Ramsey is 6'1", 155 pounds and his last known address is on Big Mountain Circle in Cedar Grove. UPDATE: Ramsey was arrested on 4/6/18.

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