Fugitive Files 2/14/2017

Tracey Ray Brown came to court after getting indicted but when a judge made him get a drug test, deputies say he fled the courthouse and hasn't been seen since. He was already facing fleeing charges after a police pursuit. Brown's last known address is on Maywood Avenue East in Clendenin. UPDATE: Brown was found hiding under a bed of an Elkview home on 3/2/17.

Ashton Carte is wanted for violating her bond on underlying heroin charges. Metro Drug Unit officers say a confidential informant bought heroin from her and it was caught on video. Carte is is 5'1", 130 pounds and her last known address is on Amandaville Court in Saint Albans. UPDATE: Carte was taken into custody.

Crystal Hoffman is wanted on two counterfeiting charges. Charleston police say she was caught on video using fake money twice at the Drug Emporium in Charleston. She also has a buttefrly tattoo on the right side of her head. Hoffman is 5'4", 130 pounds and her last known address is on Washington Avenue in Marmet. UPDATE: Hoffman was taken into custody.

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