Fugitive Files 1/9/2018

Charles Kestner, Jr., Richard Brown, Chelsae Halstead

Charles Kestner, Jr. is wanted for two counts of breaking and entering. Charleston police say Kestner and others broke in to the Edgewater Apartments on Kanawha Boulevard and stole several speakers. Police say Kestner broke in again on Christmas Eve -- this time, targeting the office and several storage units. Police say everything was caught on surveillance cameras. Kestner is 6'0", 180 pounds and his last known address is on Leon Sullivan Way in Charleston. UPDATE: Kestner was arrested on 1/26/18.

Richard Brown is wanted for violating his bond on underlying charges of failure to register as a sex offender. Brown has a history of violating his sex offender conditions, including having Facebook pages and not updating his addresses and vehicles. One time, troopers say when he did come to register, he showed up with drugs on him. Brown is 5'11", 150 pounds and his last known address is Lower Patch in Gallagher. UPDATE: Brown was captured on 1/15/18. Deputies say he was hiding in a crawl space at his father's home.

Deputies are still searching for Chelsae Halstead for violating home confinement on an underlying first degree robbery charge. She was sentenced to one to five years on home confinement after being involved in a car jacking in South Charleston where her and another man crashed that stolen car on the interstate. Halstead is 5'4", 140 pounds and her last known address is on Coal River Road in Tornado. UPDATE: Halstead was captured on 1/10/18.

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