Fugitive Files 1/8/2019

Beau Soliben, Chelsea Lycans, Eric Good

Beau Soliben is wanted for violating his probation on an underlying charge of breaking and entering. He was sentenced to three years probation for the crime but now deputies say he's not reporting his probation officer, isn't going to mandatory substance abuse treatment meetings and isn't showing up for drug tests. Soliben is 5'7", 150 pounds and his last known address is on Shawver Way in Charleston. UPDATE: Soliben was captured on 1/20/19 by Saint Albans Police

Chelsea Lycans is wanted for domestic battery. Deputies say she attacked her mother causing injuries to her head and face. Lycans is 5'4", 210 pounds and her last known address is on Hansford Street in Charleston.

Eric Good is wanted for a bond revocation. He's accused of using a credit card that wasn't his to go on a spending spree at numerous stores. Good is 6'3", 171 pounds and his last known addresses are on Kanawha State Forest Drive in Charleston and Preston Street in Bluefield. UPDATE: Good turned himself in on 1/15/2019.

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