Fugitive Files 12/26/2017

Robert Butterworth, Steven Jarrell, Rebecca Smith

Robert Butterworth is wanted for first degree robbery. Police say the crime happened in October when Butterworth asked the victim for a loan. Police say the victim refused but Butterworth grabbed $80 from him during a scuffle before fleeing the scene. Butterworth is 5'10", 165 pounds and his last known addresses are on Edgar Street, Pring Drive and Shrewsbury Street in Charleston.

Steven Jarrell is wanted for grand larceny. Charleston police say he went into Reeds Jewelers in the Charleston Town Center and was caught on video stealing gold necklace worth $1,150. Police say he later pawned the necklace. Jarrell is 5'8", 140 pounds and his last known address is on 7th Avenue in Charleston.

Rebecca Smith is wanted for petit larceny. South Charleston police are looking for her after they say she stole a woman's wallet in the checkout line at Walmart while the victim was paying for other items. Police say Smith hid the wallet but Walmart employees were able to find it. Smith was identified by her Facebook and DMV photos. Her last known address is on 58th street in Charleston but she also has an address in Lincoln County. UPDATE: Smith turned herself in and was released on a PR bond.

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