Local ice sculptor shows off at Detroit Auto Show

Just one of the vehicles sculpted by the team at Ice Creations for the NAIAS. (Heather Miller, WNWO)

You will probably notice a some pretty COOL cars while attending the North American International Auto Show this year. Some cooler than others!

Life-size, automotive ice sculptures are available for viewing at the show, and the artist who created them is from Napoleon.

Chad Hartson and his team from Ice Creations are the people responsible for turning 132,000 pounds of ice into things like a life-size Lamborghini.

It takes the crew nearly 2,500 hours to complete the seven cars sculpted out of 420 blocks of ice. These, you cannot test drive.

The Ice Creations team isn't settling for one car this year. "One car in one location is the only thing that's been done before," Hartson says. "So 7 full-size {cars} out of ice is definitely a record."

The ice cars will be on display until the end of the auto show... Or until the melt, whichever comes first.

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