WV Wildlife: Wildlife Photography Tips

West Virginia Department of Commerce photographer, Tyler Evert, has spent years perfecting his craft. (WCHS/WVAH)

Tyler Evert loves the outdoors.

As a photographer with the Department of Commerce, he especially enjoys shooting wildlife and nature pictures.

The West Virginia native's talent hasn't gone unnoticed, either, as he has done work for several agencies—including our Division of Natural Resources.

"I had been a lot of places, and I had worked for a lot of different photographers--and I knew that I needed a journalism degree, so I came back and went to WVU", said Evert.

Evert encourages those interested in wildlife photography to keep at it. He says you need to think, or shoot, out of the box.

"Up, down, just move your camera around. Get that camera in situations that it wouldn't normally be in, and that creates a dynamic perspective that you're not going to get by doing this (pointing camera straight at eye-level). This is what everybody sees. Everybody doesn't see down here or up here".

And try to make sure the focus is on the subject you're after.

"So, the other day when I was shooting some turkey hunters--I put some maple leaves in the foreground. I'm purposely adding something in front of the camera to make it more interesting. But just adding that green kind of blocks out and focuses your eyes more on the subject", said Evert.

Evert says state parks are a great place to start wildlife photography, as those animals are used to seeing people more. Early in the morning, or after a storm, is when you may see most of them out.

"It helps to get low. Stay low to the ground, because you're less ominous to them. Get to know your wildlife on more of a field guide basis, so you know when stuff is moving through", Evert suggested.

And before you buy that expensive camera, practice and look at other pictures first; the social media site, Instagram, is a great place for that.

"Start learning about taking pictures before you invest in equipment. Take your phone--the best camera is the one you have with you", said Evert.

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