WV Wildlife: Weekend Trout Stockings a big change from recent ones

Select streams, as well as lakes, will be stocked during this special stocking period. You can see when and where these stockings will take place--ahead of time--on the DNR's website! (WCHS/WVAH)

If you've never been able to experience the thrill of catching a fish before, your chance--a really good chance--is coming up soon thanks to our West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

Starting this Friday, and going through May 19th, 27 different streams and lakes across our state parks will be stocked with a nice variety of trout--and you'll be able to know when and where ahead of time!

Stephen McDaniel, Director of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, says this is a big change from recent years.

"These are different because the dates and locations are being published in advance. We've never done that here at the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, and we're hoping that will entice some of the beginner anglers to come out and give trout fishing a try", said McDaniel.

And trust me, it's easy to get 'hooked'! These Friday and Saturday stockings will also help those that are too busy during the week--to possibly bring their families out to make a weekend out of it. The hope is also to get even more people out to our beautiful state parks.

"We're trying to promote tourism with these, and we have several lakes and streams that are located in the general area of state parks--so we thought that would be a good place to start because it's on the weekends. We're hoping that people will come out and maybe rent a camping site, or a cabin, or a lodge--and make it a family deal", said McDaniel.

These stockings won't impact other stockings across the state, either. All waters will receive the same amount of trout that they typically do.

Although it hasn't started yet, McDaniel says many people already appreciate this change.

"I have received dozens of emails, text messages since we announced this at our last commission meeting. Everyone is so pleased and so happy. It all comes back down to working men and women, students and kids--it's just something we're trying to do for them".

For a complete list of these upcoming weekend stockings, you can find them over at the WVDNR

"I think this gives us an opportunity to draw some of those people to our state parks to maybe try trout fishing. If they catch a couple of fish, they're more likely to come back and try again the next time we do the stockings", said McDaniel.

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