WV Wildlife: New Wildlife License Plate Coming Soon

    The new elk license plates will be available after the first of the year. (WCHS/WVAH)<p>{/p}

    If you haven't seen one in person yet, you'll most likely see one on a license plate soon!

    It's simply a good time to celebrate Elk.

    After being gone since the 1800's, these native animals are now roaming our hills again thanks to the hard work done by the West Virginia DNR.

    "Well, especially with the DNR, we like to promote what the DNR’s doing", said Michael Maggard—Director of Vehicle Services with the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.

    The West Virginia DMV will be releasing an elk plate soon, which was painted by a local artist and selected in a contest.

    You'll be able to stop by a regional DMV office to pick one up, or you can fill out an application online--and it will be shipped to you.

    "A portion of the fees that are given to the division goes back to the DNR for educational programs", said Maggard.

    This money is especially important for the DNR’s non-game programs, like outreach and research--so buying one of these beautiful plates is a win-win.

    There are other plates to choose from, too--from our state animal, the black bear, to our state fish, the brook trout, there's a nice variety for those who appreciate our wildlife.

    “Once we get the end product, what we do is that we'll have it reviewed by the DNR. On this particular plate right here--the elk plate--we see the background of the mountains of West Virginia, and that's what we want people to see is our wonderful state--the beauty in which we have in this state and the scenery that we have".

    Maggard went on to say that the hope is to have these license plates available by January 1st.

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