WV Wildlife: 2018 Wildlife Calendars now available!

    The cover art for the 2018 wildlife calendar of the recently released elk, was created by talented artist Rhea Knight of Mason County.<p>{/p}

    It's an award-winning calendar, and it's only 10 bucks!

    The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources Wildlife Calendar is now available, and it always makes for a great gift--especially for those who love the outdoors.

    Elizabeth Akins, with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, explains why the calendar is so popular.

    "This calendar--this year--we added the special events page; that includes different events for state parks, different programs that we offer, different things that are going on throughout the year of 2018 that families, children and whatever can go out and enjoy in our state parks and things like that. We also have best fishing times, sunrise and sunset, moon phases. Most calendars don't include best fishing times for each day. a lot of them don't include moon phases, either--so that sort of sets us apart", said Akins.

    The artwork in the calendar also sets it apart; artists from all over the state and even the country submitted their best work of our native wildlife--both past and present.

    "The same day we received calendars this year, we shipped out 2,000, so it's very popular", said Akins.

    These calendars have been nationally recognized, too.

    "It was the National Calendar Association, and we won silver and gold for most informative the last 9 years", said Akins.

    That's pretty consistent! The money raised through the sales of these calendars also goes to help manage wildlife for which we don't hunt or fish, so it's a win-win.

    You can find the calendar at some local stores throughout the state or DNR district offices. Akins also says the DNR can send it to you directly.

    "Call our office and we can direct ship it to anywhere that you would like to send it--to any person".

    The species of animals in this year's calendar include the Red Fox, Blue Jay, Barred Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Ruffed Grouse, Eastern Bluebird, Great Horned Owl, Raccoons, Bobcat, Rainbow Trout, Elk and the Northern Cardinal.

    The cover art for the 2018 Wildlife calendar, was created by West Virginia artist Rhea Knight of Mason County.

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