Traveling WV: Westbrook's Esso

From the second you arrive, it's a trip back in time. (WCHS/WCAH)

It seemed every small town in America had one, small corner service stations that became the epicenter of communities from coast to coast. West Virginia was no different, but in a world of convenience stores, these family owned and operated service stations have largely disappeared from the landscape. But there's one town in Preston County that has never lost there's, Kingwood's Westbrook Esso has been a cornerstone of the community since 1926. Tom Westbrook bought the property in the early 90s, and has meticulously restored the service station to it's original glory.

Filled with automobile memorabilia and vintage service station equipment, Westbrook's Esso service station is one of the most nostalgic journey's back in time that you'll ever take. The little gas station has garnered quite a bit of national attention, appearing on calendars, advertising, and several national publications. Tom also tries to pass his knowledge on to others by providing tours and opening the station up to school groups and individuals. Just call for an appointment at (304) 329-1100. Best of all, there's no charge!

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