Traveling WV: U.S. Forest Service Snorkeling Program

Students get to see a completely different world just under the surface of the stream. (WCHS/WVAH)

Did you love playing in the creek as a kid? Cooling off on a hot summer day and checking out all the critters that lived there? If you'd like to get your kids off their phones and into the creek, the US Forest Service has an activity designed to do just that! The snorkeling program has been growing for the past five years, and will put close to 400 kids in the water this summer in the Monongahela National Forest. To really appreciate everything that's actually going on in a stream, you've got to get under the surface.

School groups, 4-H groups, or scouting groups are perfect candidates for this education by immersion! Wet suits, masks, and of course snorkels are all provided for participants. "We try to make it so much fun, that they forget how much they're learning" says Monongahela National Forest Fisheries Biologist and snorkel program leader Chad Landress. " I hope these kids understand how special West Virginia is, and how special our watersheds are." say Landress. If you'd like to get your group signed up for the snorkel program, contact The Monongahela National Forest in Elkins at (304) 636-1800.

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