Traveling WV: Summer Hollow Pottery

Summers makes pottery that is simple and functional, "I want people to use my work, not set it on a shelf." (WCHS/WVAH)

It all began at art school in New York for Wendy Summers. Inspired by her pottery professor, Summers knew she had found her calling. Fast forward 30 years, and you'll find Wendy creating beautiful and functional pottery from her Summer Hollow Pottery studio high on a mountain in rural Clay County. You can find Wendy's work on her website, at Tamarak, or visit her at one of the several craft shows she attends every year.

"I don't do a lot of decorative work that will sit on a shelf," says Summers, "I make pottery that I hope people will use." But make no mistake, Wendy's work would look wonderful sitting on a shelf! Bowls, mugs, flower pots, yarn bowls, and olive oil jars are just a few of the pieces she makes. Summers enjoys being able to work from home and raise her and her husband"s two boys, something that is very important to her. "I am blessed beyond measure to be able to do that," says Summers, "I can get lost down here for hours and I get to play in clay!"

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