Traveling WV: Sattes-Parrish Cemetery

The Sattes-Parrish Cemetery overlooks North Charleston. (WCHS/WVAH)

Norm Parrish of New York loves genealogy, and it was that interest that lead him to research his roots. Once he found out that his grandfather was buried at the Sattes-Parrish Cemetery in North Charleston, Parrish made the trip to West Virginia, but was shocked at what he found. The cemetery was completely abandoned, overgrown, and much neglected, needless to say he did not locate his grandfather's grave that day.

The cemetery is located directly behind Josh Landers property in North Charleston. Parrish had returned to the cemetery and was trying as best he could to cut some brush around the few visible tombstones. Landers heard the weed-eater, and introduced himself to Parrish, the two men have been together ever since. Led by Parrish and Landers and a few volunteers, the newly formed Sattes-Parrish Cemetery Association has been hard at work cutting trees, clearing brush, and re-setting gravestones in this old historic cemetery. "There are over 700 families represented in this cemetery" says Parrish, who eventually found his grandfather's grave. Landers is committed to helping his community and give the cemetery a much needed face lift after years of neglect. "I'm proud of the Charleston police department for helping us out and making routine patrols, it's a pretty rough area." say Landers. If you or your group would like to volunteer to help in the restoration, contact Josh Landers at (304) 941-9223.

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