Traveling WV: Sassafras Farm

The cows and calves are always curious at Sassafras Farm (WCHS/WAH)

Suzanne McMinn's family history goes back over 200 years in rural Roane County. She grew up in the suburbs of Washington D.C. and southern California then lived everywhere from Texas to the Carolinas. Several years ago, Suzanne took her three children to a slanted little house outside a tiny town in Roane County, West Virginia. After living in the old farmhouse for two and a half years, she moved a few miles over the hill to Stringtown and 40 hard-scrabble acres so remote you had to drive through three creeks in one direction or ford a river in the other to even get there.

After nearly four years of West Virginia "vertical farming" on one of the toughest pieces of land you can find, McMinn moved to a farm of her own, still in Roane County, West Virginia, on 100 acres with a lot of flat land, pasture, a vintage 1930's era farmhouse, and a big red barn.

Suzanne began writing a blog about her experiences on her rural West Virginia farm titled Chickens In The Road, and it has become hugely popular. Readers of the blog encouraged McMinn to start holding workshops and retreats on the farm so guests could experience first hand farm life, or what Suzanne calls "Life in ordinary splendor"

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