Traveling WV: Mountain Dance Trail

Nothing beats a good ole fiddle tune and a dance floor to cut a rug on! (WCHS/WVAH)

The Mountain Dance Trail, a statewide heritage tourism project of the Augusta Heritage Center of Davis and Elkins College, celebrates West Virginia as the only Appalachian state which maintains a strong community dance tradition. The Dance Trail began in April of 2012 and started it’s sixth season in January 2017!

The route follows a trail from the Virginia Line in the east to the Ohio River in the west, connecting communities that host old-time mountain square dances. The towns involved are Marlinton, Dunmore, Monterey, Franklin, Elkins, Helvetia, Pickens, Ireland, Sutton, Morgantown, Weston, Glenville, and Henderson.

These destinations all host series of scheduled dances for local dancers and visitors. Locally based musicians and callers provide music and figure calling. Square dance styles vary throughout the state from the “Mountain Circle” or “Big Circle” dances in the east, to Appalachian four couple squares in the west. “Round Dances,” waltzes and two steps, are played between squares at most locations.

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