Traveling WV: Kultur Haus

The Kultur Haus is the center of the community in Helvetia. (WCHS/WVAH)

Settled in 1869 by Swiss immigrants, Helvetia in rural Randolph County has maintained their Swiss identity and culture for well over 100 years. The old general store in town has been the center of activity and a gathering place for many generations. Time and the elements had taken it's toll on the structure, so the citizens decided to organize and save the building, that's when The Kultur Haus was born. After major renovation by numerous volunteers, the Kultur Haus now houses a general store, post office, several rooms for rent, and the Helvetia Mask Museum. The masks were created and are used at Fasnacht, a celebration that takes place every year on the Saturday before lent. Fasnacht culminates with the burning of old man winter in the town square. The 2018 celebration is this Saturday February 10th.

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