Traveling WV: Knapps Creek Trout Lodge


Knapps Creek Trout Lodge is a lodge and guiding service specializing in trout fishing and family-oriented outdoor adventures. Mark Mitchell grew up in Marlinton in the house that now houses the trout lodge. After selling his business in northern Virginia, Mark decided it was time to start a life long dream, own and operate a trout lodge from his home town.

Mitchell offered the general manager position to his daughter Anne and her boyfriend Mark, the couple had been guiding outdoor adventures in North Carolina and Wyoming ever since graduating from college. Anne admits it didn't take long for her to make the decision to move back to West Virginia and work with her dad. Knapps Creek Trout Lodge offers comfortable accommodations, a hearty breakfast, and personalized fly fishing guide service to the advanced as well as beginning fly fisherman. Situated on the bank of Knapps Creek, the lodge offers guests the convenience of walking a few steps to a pristine cold water trout stream, and the modern conveniences of the small community of Marlinton is just a few blocks away.

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