Traveling WV: Astrophotographer

Warren's stunning images would accent any home or place of business. (WCHS/WVAH)

Warren Keller describes himself as a child of the 60s, where he grew up on television programs such as Star Trek, Lost In Space, and all sorts of science fiction. He even had quite a nice telescope by the time he was a teenager. But as he got older, music became his first love, and his obsession with space was put on the back burner. After receiving a new star chart and telescope in 1997, that love for the things above came storming back.

Keller has taken his passion to a whole new level by producing stunning high resolution images of distant galaxies, nebulae, and everything in between. He works remotely on the Panchromatic Robotic Optical Monitoring and Polarimetry Telescopes located in Chili, and owned by the University of North Carolina. He takes the data collected and creates some of the most beautiful and stunning images you will ever see. You can see all of his work on his website

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