Mountain Dance Trail

The Mountain Dance Trail, a statewide project of the Augusta Heritage Center of Davis and Elkins College, celebrates West Virginia as the only Appalachian state which maintains a strong community dance tradition. The route follows a trail from the Potomac Highlands in the east to the Ohio River in the west, connecting ten communities that host old-time mountain square dances. The towns involved are Marlinton, Dunmore, Monterey, Blue Grass, Franklin, Upper Tract, Circleville, Riverton, Harman, Elkins, Helvetia, Pickens, Ireland, Sutton, Glenville, and Henderson.

Square dance culture has been losing ground over the last fifty years. But West Virginia is a special place, and has held on to traditional dancing in small towns and communities across the center of the state. The idea behind The Mountain Dance Trail is to honor, embrace, and promote these dance traditions. We want to preserve Appalachian old-time dance in its localized forms.

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