Country Club Bakery

Country Club Bakery in Clarksburg is the official birthplace of the pepperoni roll. (WCHS/WVAH)

Unless you’ve been to West Virginia to try a pepperoni roll, you probably don’t know what it is. It was first created in Marion County in the 1920’s by Italian immigrant coal miner, Giuseppe “Joseph” Argiro when he decided it would be more convenient if the pepperoni were baked inside a soft, white, yeast bread. During the baking process, the fats in the pepperoni infused the dough with spicy goodness. They became so popular with his fellow coal miners that he quit the mines and opened Country Club Baker in 1927…and they've been there ever since.

Country Club Bakery pulls fresh, warm pepperoni rolls out of their ovens all day, every day, ensuring that every roll you buy in their store has been made within the hour. This is a snack that needs no refrigeration or heat, but is hearty enough to be a meal. You can pack them to take hiking, camping, or for your lunch at the office. Country Club Bakery ships out orders several times a week, sending this treat to avid fans across all 50 states. Additionally, they carry a variety of loaf breads, pies, and cookies…all baked with the same loving care and attention that goes into their signature pepperoni rolls.

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