Road Trippin'...Kaitlyn's Lighthouse Pub and Grill


    (Road Trippin'...Lighthouse 2019...RTLighthouse02am1:30sec) Let's Go Road Trippin'...and breathe the mountain air...We're Road Trippin' Kaitlyn's Lighthouse Pub and Grill we're in Mason County and near Point Pleasant. We're with Janet and Katie Simpkins you feed people and your restaurant has a menu of different foods...tell us about that...We have probably one of the most amazing burgers around...steak...seafood...every night of the week and we want to offer something different...casual fine dining...right now for a decent steak meal you have to drive to Huntington or Charleston or Parkersburg...What are your hours of operation...We are closed Sunday and Open on Monday Through Thursday from ten or eleven o'clock and on Friday and Saturday we are open from eleven to 2am. It's customer's a small town and everybody knows's very welcoming and we pretty know everybody by their first name. Everybody loves many complements from our burgers, steaks and seafood...Chef Dul Zear is his culinary...everything he does culinary is amazing. We have a great Facebook page.... we try to keep up with it and when we have specials, bands or whatever is going on...we try to keep the community up to day on what's going on...and it's under Kattie's Lighthouse Pub and Grill. We have a lot of people who find us on Yelp and Google and who travel. Let's Go Road Trippin' Kaitlyn’s Lighthouse Pub and Grill in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.' Let's Go Road Trippin'..."

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