Road Trippin'...How to be a Grand Marshall


"I recently received an invitation to attend a special event and to be part of an organization celebrating The Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. I was asked to be the Grand Marshall of the Mt. Nebo St. Patrick's Day parade that for thirteen years has proudly presented fun and frivolity to the local community in Nicholas County, WV near Mt. Nebo. The organization that has asked me to participate in their celebration is known far and wide as 'The Grand Order of The Royal Leprechauns.' The invitation went something like this...'You will not only honor us with your distinction to flaunt yourself in our procession, but also assume a lifetime of rights and privileges....set forth by The Grand Order of the Royal Leprechauns.' Ok, that's straight forward enough, and self explanatory. The invite goes on to say...'Your authenticity of blood line has been verified and the garment designating attestation to membership is being prepared at the time of this communication..." That means that I'm going to be presented with my very own honorable Green (44L) Jacket that all Grand Order of The Royal Leprechauns get to wear in the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. I have probably told you too much already. I'm gone!" - Terry Burhans 2018

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