Drivers push for repairs to Red House Hill Road slip

    <p>Red House Hill Road slipped about four months ago and has gradually made the winding hill much more treacherous. (WCHS/WVAH){/p}<p>{/p}

    Safety concerns are continuing to mount for people who drive up and down Red House Hill Road in Putnam County.

    The road slipped about four months ago and has gradually made the winding hill much more treacherous. People who live on Red House Hill told Eyewitness News their safety is at stake every time they drive up and down the hill.

    "Coming up, this road is very steep, got to wait for a light now," Sherry Mullaney said. "Coming down this road is steep, got to wait for a light now."

    It’s not only cars and trucks but heavy, industrial trucks.

    “I don't want anybody to get hurt, let alone people who are close to me. That road is starting to eat out even further to that middle line. It won't be long before that road will not be passable. If it’s not passable you've got to go miles out of your way," Mullaney said.

    Sen. Glenn Jeffries, D-Putnam, took action to get this slip fixed about four months ago.

    "What has happened is there is what is called a 'gabion basket' construction that is below it, that was done years before, that has started to slip, and that's what's caused it,” Jeffries said.

    Jeffries is in talks with Division of Highways engineers, who say the funding is appropriated, and GSI Construction is set to complete the repair project, hopefully before winter.

    "The slip is on an incline and the stop lights are on an incline also, so especially coming down the hill is where my biggest concerns at. If we have a heavy snow, I’m afraid we're going to see some accidents,” Jeffries said.

    Mullaney's concerns go farther up the hill to Steele Ridge Road and Grand View Road, all the way out to the Mountain Valley Pipeline construction sites.

    "The big trucks that are hauling in and out they're beating the roads to pieces, and I know they're aware of it. They come out and they spread this gravel stuff, but it's dangerous as well,” Mullaney said.

    The danger is heightened when the two traffic lights stop working periodically.

    "We're already holding our breath for the pipeline to finish their road work, but this has got to be fixed now. Family is everything to you, when you've got them out here, and you're worried about them, there's nothing like it,” Mullaney said.

    The project for Red House Hill Road will be paired with another slip near Confidence Elementary School.

    Jeffries said he is expecting an answer from the construction company on Tuesday on when they this road project will get started.

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