CPR performed on child at Waves of Fun pool in Hurricane, expected to be OK

A child is pulled from the Waves of Fun pool at Valley Park in Hurricane after struggling in the water Monday. CPR was performed, and the child is expected to be OK. (WCHS/WVAH)

A young boy was transported to the hospital Monday after nearly drowning at the Hurricane Wave Pool.

Officials said one man’s quick action saved that boy’s life.

Putnam Parks and Recreation Director Jarrod Dean said the child went under water several times, then stayed under. One man saw all of this - pulled the boy out of the water - and then handed him to others waiting on the side.

Dean said lifeguards started CPR get the boy breathing again, then handed gave him to EMS to be taken to the hospital. He said he believes the boy will be OK.

Onlookers said they were holding their breath until that boy started breathing again.

“You look over and there’s this little boy, lifeless. And then you see that woman doing CPR and you’re sitting there hoping and praying,” witness Jennifer Cooper said. “Lifeguards came together. They did amazing.”

Dean said he will conduct a full investigation into what happened and review safety protocols to protect kids in the future.

The child’s name has not been released.

Valley Park and the Waves of Fun pool reopened May 26 after being closed for two years due to construction.

The renovations, which cost $15 million, included newly renovated baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, updates to the Wave Pool and slides and a new playground area.

Valley Park was built in 1978.

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