Putnam County deputies give gift cards instead of citations

Drivers in Putnam County got a surprise Wednesday, when deputies gave them gift cards instead of citations. (WCHS/WVAH)

It's probably the only time you'd ever want to get pulled over. On Wednesday, a handful of drivers in Putnam County saw Corporal William Seanze’s flashing blue lights in their rear view mirror. But they weren't expecting what happened next.

Seanze and other Putnam County deputies weren't handing out citations. Instead, they were giving out $100 gift certificates. They pulled over twenty random vehicles; Cheryl Matheny was in one of those vehicles. Matheny was more than grateful for the gesture.

She said, “It was a nice surprise. It's been kind of a…not so much financially-- but just emotionally hard season this year.”

David Browning also got pulled over. He said he was forced into an early retirement and he wasn't financially prepared for it.

Browning told Eyewitness News, "I took a big loss in my retirement. I'm doing alright, but it's still kind of rough."

Appalachian Rail Services--for the second year in a row--donating those gift certificates, in hopes of changing the perception of law enforcement.

Terry Hutchison with ARS said, "Hopefully, that will maybe change some people's outlook on deputies and first responders. They're not bad people. They just have a tough job."

Hutchison also hopes it changes hearts. "The good Lord has blessed us, so now we are blessing others."

ARS also donated gift cards to twenty drivers in Mason County. Deputies there gave them out Wednesday.

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