Restaurant shares best ways to cook seafood; one thing you might be doing wrong

    This week's Foodie Friday took us to Jewel City Seafood in Huntington. (WCHS/WVAH)

    This week's Foodie Friday took us to Jewel City Seafood in Huntington.

    They shared their tips for making better seafood at home.

    Co-owner Dickie Anderson said the more simple the food, the more popular it is. Some of the favorite dishes are white fish, walleye and cod.

    Executive chef Brian Bader broke down ways to make salmon, shrimp, trout and scallop skewers.

    For the scallop skewers, he said to dress them simply with some olive oil, salt and pepper then throw them on the grill.

    He said scallops are also good cooked in a pan or in an oven.

    "One of the important things about kabobs is to keep everything uniformly cut, so it all cooks at the same time," said Brian Bader, executive chef at Jewel City Seafood.

    Scallops are sold wet and dry. Bader recommends getting dry scallops.

    "With a dry scallop there will be a little tackiness to them, almost a stickiness, and they're going to caramelize up way better that way," said Bader.

    The gauge for cooking kabobs is when the vegetables start to get a nice char on them.

    Another dish Bader prepared was salmon. He said the easiest way to cook that is by baking it.

    Some common spices to have on hand for seafood dishes are salt and pepper, garlic and butter.

    "We kind of like to keep it simple," said Bader about cooking salmon. "It takes a lot of different seasonings. It's a meaty fish, so we end up using a steak seasoning in house."

    He said one of the most common mistakes people make with seafood is overcooking it.

    "One of the best ways to do it if you're just cooking at home is kind of pull the fish apart and look to see if it's opaque throughout. If you want something a little less done like with salmon, like if you want a medium rare or a medium, if you have a thermometer, pull it out at 130 [degrees]," Bader said.

    To get the best quality and flavor, Bader said the day you buy seafood is the day you should cook it.

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