Mingo County mountain-top restaurant featured for barbecue

    The restaurant specializes in barbecue items and sits on top of a mountain in Gilbert. (WCHS/WVAH)

    For this week's Foodie Friday, we were looking for some tasty barbecue in the tri-state area.

    That took us to Trail 12 BBQ in Mingo County.

    It wasn't an easy task, but Cameron Ellis decided to open a restaurant.

    "[During] the recession we saw a lot of restaurants shut down in southern West Virginia, really a lot of businesses in general," said Cameron Ellis, owner of Trail 12 BBQ.

    In May 2016, with only two items on the menu, Trail 12 BBQ opened for business.

    "With the tourism industry growing, we saw a need for a restaurant," said Ellis.

    The restaurant specializes in barbecue items and sits on top of a mountain in Gilbert.

    "I'd experimented with dry-rub seasoning. I always loved Texas-style barbecue, and I had my own seasoning back then, so I figured why not try it out?" said Ellis. "It really was what took off for us. That's what we stuck with, and that's what we've become known for."

    A house-made seasoning includes some secret ingredients and gets put on all of the smoked meats.

    The pulled pork sandwich is the most popular item, but there are also ribs, burgers, hot dogs and many yummy desserts to choose from.

    "There's a lot more technique that goes into the desserts. There's more homemade from scratch items, and it's just something I really enjoy being able to do," said Karie Montgomery, executive chef at Trail 12 BBQ.

    Right now the restaurant only offers outdoor dining, which is why it is operating on seasonal hours. There are plans to expand the restaurant in the near future.

    Ellis said an indoor mountain-top restaurant will be built on the property, which will give customers a great view and a delicious meal.

    On next week's Foodie Friday we will be featuring a restaurant that specializes in pizza.

    Head to our Facebook page to nominate your favorite.

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