Make better coffee with these tips

    Coal River Coffee Company shares tips to making a great cup of coffee. (WCHS/WVAH)

    If you start your day with coffee, this week's Foodie Friday is for you!

    Coal River Coffee Company in St. Albans has tips to make the best coffee at home.

    One its specialty drinks is called "Gary's Jolt."

    Here's what you need to make that drink at home:

    Gary's Jolt

    • 1 cup of coffee
    • tsp cacao powder
    • tsp coconut oil
    • tsp maple syrup
    • Put ingredients in a blender. Blend for 7 seconds. Pour into a cup.

    "No one has really compared it to anything really in particular because it has such a unique flavor. They just think it's delicious, and it gives them the energy they want," said Michael Ervin, owner of Coal River Coffee Company.

    If you like the sweeter drinks, maybe the caramel macchiato is right for you. It starts with steamed milk and espresso shots. Dump the milk into a mug then pour the espresso shots through the middle. You'll top that drink with caramel syrup.

    "This is a treat that people can have as a dessert or afternoon coffee," Ervin said.

    If you're wondering how to make that at home, Ervin said to get an espresso machine or a frother.

    "They make these little battery powered or electric frothers, milk frothers," said Ervin. "You can froth your milk and get a nice foam there and pour your coffee through the middle."

    If you like your coffee simple. Ervin said to use a french press.

    "You want to have about a tablespoon per 6 to 8 ounces of hot water. You want to make sure all the grounds are wet and then you top it with the plunger. Set a timer for 4 minutes and then you just wait," said Ervin.

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