3 recipes to up your burger game from a Charleston restaurant

At Sam's Uptown Cafe, you'll find juicy burgers ready to rock your taste buds. (WCHS/WVAH)

This week’s Foodie Friday took us to Sam’s Uptown Cafe in Charleston.

At Sam's, you'll find juicy burgers ready to rock your taste buds.

From the most popular burger to some other fan favorites, owner Paul Greco shared his secrets for creating a delicious burger.

He said you want to use a lot of heat and a little bit of oil to keep the burgers from sticking to the pan. His seasoning of choice is salt and pepper.

When it comes to cooking, Greco said to leave the burgers alone and let them cook approximately six minutes on each side (cooking times vary based on heat).

Greco said to let the burgers get a nice crust on the first side before you flip them.

To give your burger buns a nice crunch and some flavor, toast them.

When the burgers are finally cooked and you’re ready to add some toppings, Greco said the possibilities are endless.

If you want to recreate the burgers Greco made for this week’s Foodie Friday, they’re listed below:

  • Sam Burger – jalapeno rubbed bacon, ghost pepper pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and sriracha ranch
  • Tavern Burger – Swiss cheese, grilled ham, onion ring, BBQ sauce, fried egg
  • Greco’s favorite – caramelized onion, pork belly, provolone cheese, balsamic glaze

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