Long-time Huntington radio personality retires

After spending 42 years on air, Huntington radio host Clint McElroy retired Friday. (WCHS/WVAH)

A long-time area radio host retired Friday after more than four decades on the air.

Clint McElroy has been a radio host for 42 years. On Friday, WTCR in Huntington said ‘good bye’ to McElroy and hosted a retirement party for him.

As part of McElroy's final day on air, Huntington Mayor Steve Williams declared the day "Clint McElroy Day".

He plans to do more work with his three sons whose careers are taking off. They currently host a popular podcast series.

McElroy said he’ll miss all of his co-workers and will miss being a part of his listener’s lives every day.

"The fact that people hear my voice and I’m their friend part of their family and it has always moved me and I think radio will always have that kind of power and I’m certainly going to miss it,” McElroy said.

McElroy is also working on a graphic novel.

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