Cabell County family watching Trump, Kim Jong Un summit closely

With relatives on the island of Guam near North Korea, the Ignacio family is watching developments from the Trump/Kim summit closely. (WCHS/WVAH)

A Cabell County household is keeping close tabs on developments at the summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The Ignacio family has relatives living on the island of Guam. The family still remembers how the North Korean dictator threatened the island last summer.

They remain hopeful but skeptical that something good will come out of the summit.

Saralynn Ignacio of Cabell County said the missile launches last summer from Kim Jong Un aimed at Guam were a little too close for comfort.

"Any kind of a weapon would decimate the Island of Guam," Ignacio said. "It is a very small island, so it hurts us to think that there is a madman out there that could threaten their security."

The Ignacio's talk with their relatives at Guam on a regular basis. That family has their own opinions on the summit.

"They are skeptical of it. They feel you can't trust Kim Jong Un. They wish President Trump all the best, but they feel that Kim Jong Un is not someone to trust," Ignacio said.

She's hopeful a deal where North Korea abandons its nuclear program will come out of the summit, but she said that would not ease her worry about her family living in the region.

"We definitely want to see them safe. We want to see them secure and protected," Ignacio said.

She is also worried that if Trump is not successful in getting a deal out of the summit, Kim Jong Un could go back to what she says is his unstable practices of making nuclear weapons.

Besides Guam, the Ignacio's have friends in South Korea that would be impacted by the outcome of the summit.

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