Students, teachers back in class in Jackson County

Teachers and students in Jackson County are back in the classrooms and looking forward to a new school year. (WCHS/WVAH)

Teachers and students in Jackson County are back in the classrooms and looking forward to a new school year.

Students hoped off the buses at Kenna Elementary School Wednesday morning for the first day of school.

Many students were eager to meet their teacher, see their friends and learn new things.

"One of the most exciting things for me as a first grade teacher is watching them really become good readers during first grade,” said Krista Baker, first grade teacher at Kenna Elementary School. “They come in with their basic alphabet knowledge and sounds and a few words. By the end of the year they're reading chapter books."

"I love reading. It's my favorite subject. I love to use my imagination whenever I read. I really like it. It's really fun,” said fifth grade student Maura DeViese.

Sonya White, who’s the principal at Kenna Elementary, said she's excited for a new school year, and she's looking forward to students learning more about things that happen outside of the school like the solar eclipse.

"Anytime that we can bring what's happening in the real world into the classroom, we're excited,” said Sonya White, Kenna Elementary School Principal. “Through some donations and some other funds, we were able to purchase solar eclipse glasses for all the students. We're sending home permission forms tonight to view the eclipse."

Back in the classroom, middle school students will get hands-on experience with new technology.

"They're going to notice iPads in all the classrooms. We're going to use it as learning tool this year,” said Dr. Cathryn Carena, Ripley Middle School Principal.

While iPads will be in all the classrooms, the students won’t be able to bring them home just yet.

More technology based classes have been added at the middle school as well.

Dr. Carena said more technology-based classes like coding has also been added to the middle school's curriculum. She said more than half the students chose it as an elective.

"If we can bring the content into their everyday world, we'll be talking to them at a completely different level, and we'll be engaging them and that's what's so exciting,” said Dr. Carena.

As for technology enhancements at the elementary schools, Jackson County Schools Superintendent said he hopes to have iPads for those students in the next few years.

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