10 items teachers say kids need for school

Many stores already have shelves stocked with items you'll need to get the year started. (WCHS/WVAH)

Pencils, paper, backpacks and more!

Back to school shopping is right around the corner, and many stores already have shelves stocked with items you'll need to get the year started.

Shopping can be overwhelming with so many options to choose from, but Cheryl Plear, principal at Mary C Snow West Side Elementary School in Charleston, said students really only need the basics.

"It's important and exciting to the kids so you could have them help pick out things, but along with them picking out, discuss why they would need that kind of item and what would they use that item for,” said Cheryl Plear.

Plear said a sturdy backpack is a must - especially at the beginning of the year when students have more materials to bring to and from school.

Two-pocket folders, single-subject notebooks, pens and pencils, crayons, plenty of erasers and tissues are also items she said to add to your list.

However, there are a few things she said can stay at home.

"They don't need the toys. They don't need the spinners. They don't need all the extra gadgets and things,” said Plear. “Make sure you check the backpacks for those kinds of things that could be distractors."

In elementary school, Plear said many items students will need are supplied by teachers.

While costs for school supplies can add up quickly, Plear said there is one thing students should have that won't cost any money at all.

"The most important thing that we'd like for kids to do is come with a wonderful attitude, and this is not something that can be purchased in a store,” said Plear. “We want the kids to come to school and know that school is their job that they're doing. They want to be very serious but also be very focused and learn what they're supposed to learn."

Plear also suggests adding some kind of identification inside the students' belongings that would contain the student's telephone number, address and emergency contact.

Eyewitness News' "Tools for School" supply drive kicked off with BrickStreet Insurance.

For more information on how you can help donate supplies for students in need, click here.

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