Shawnee Sports Complex set to host Protection Sports Association K9 competition
Kanawha County officials report the Shawnee Sports Complex will host a national contest in November with the Protection Sports Association. (WCHS)

Kanawha County officials have scheduled a national competition in Dunbar to determine who is top dog.

The Shawnee Sports Complex is set to host the 21st Annual Protection Sports Association K9 event Friday through Sunday, Nov. 4-6, according to a news release from the Kanawha County Commission. The release said about 50 competitors from across the county and more than 300 spectators are likely to attend the event’s first appearance in West Virginia.

PSA K9 competitions require dogs and their handlers to showcase obedience and protection drills that become increasingly complex. Competing teams will be subjected to distractions as they work through scenarios that share a common goal.

Commissioner Ben Salango noted the contest is different than what sports fans typically see happening at the complex.

“When we developed the Shawnee Sports Complex, we knew we’d attract events that would far surpass our expectations. This event is no exception," Salango stated. "We look forward to this inaugural event at Shawnee and many more in the future."

The event will be hosted by the Charleston Area Dog Sports Club and additional information on the competition can be found on the Protection Sports Association web page.

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