Winter Weather Is Back!

You knew 60 to 65 degree temperatures with sunshine in January wouldn't last! A cold front moved through overnight, bringing a few rain showers and a wind shift. Those winds are stout today, gusting to 30 to 35 mph in the valleys at times, and could reach 45 to 50 mph up in the WV mountains. A westerly direction won't usher in arctic air but it is bringing us back down to normal January chill. Temperatures have fallen to around 40 this morning and will stay there into the afternoon. Gusty winds will make it feel like 30 and compared to the 60s of yesterday it's a huge change, even though it's normal.

What about snow? We're watching some showers fill in across the Ohio Valley and those will expand east this afternoon but here in the valleys it's warm enough for mainly rain...perhaps with a few snowflakes mixed in. East of US 19 will be a different story, and I expect snow showers to organize there this afternoon and continue into tonight. A general 1 to 3 inches appears likely through tomorrow east of US 19, with up to an inch possible from Sutton to Beckley. Farther west, only a dusting is anticipated tonight although with temperatures falling near and below freezing be careful on bridges and overpasses.

This colder pattern will continue into the weekend. Ahead of a stronger front Saturday I think winds will turn southwesterly which could allow for some sun and temperatures getting into the 40s...but snow showers will ramp up SAturday night into Sunday morning and Sunday looks blustery and cold with highs in the 30s. Another front should bring some more widespread snow showers Sunday night into Monday morning and those two periods (Saturday night and Sunday night) appear to be the best bet to put a little snow on the ground in the lowlands. All told, from now to Monday I think 1 to 3" is possible for the valleys but it must be noted that some of that melts and it comes over a couple of it's not major snow. Still, I would plan at least on Monday morning's commute being a bit tricky around here. Meanwhile, the ski resorts will be elated to receive about 8 to 12" of the white stuff from now to Monday, and with temperatures staying below freezing through the period the ski conditions should be excellent.

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