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Headline: Anna Nicole Smith's Rare Interview
Dateline: September 9, 1996
The Scoop: Plagued by rumors concerning her deceased oil tycoon husband, her addictions and plastic surgery, the model/actress told ET's Bob Goen "If I could take it back, I'd be working at Crispy Fried Chicken."

Headline: Robert Urich's Struggle with Cancer
Dateline: September 18, 1996
The Scoop: Robert Urich spoke candidly about his successful battle with synovial sarcoma, a rare form of soft tissue cancer.

Headline: Kelsey Grammer's Release from the Betty Ford Center
Dateline: November 8, 1996
The Scoop: "The sparkle's been gone for a long time and it's back now. Through all the years of self-doubt, this has been a real eye-opener as far as people being fond of who I really am, rather than what they get from me."

Headline: Ed McMahon's Rumored Health Problems
Dateline: December 11, 1996
The Scoop: McMahon urged stars to defy intolerable tabloid tactics saying "There's quite a network of moles...creepy people who pick up a few bucks and hurt people. The answer...all celebrities should fight back."

Headline: Ken Wahl's Alcoholism
Dateline: January 30, 1997
The Scoop: One of the '80's hottest actors, Ken Wahl was asked if he was an alcoholic. He responded, "I don't think I am. I know I am. So what...this may be my last day on earth and if it is, the people that supposedly care for me should want me to be painless." His view on Hollywood these days: "I have no thoughts on Hollywood...Hollywood is not worth wasting a thought on."

Headline: John Travolta's Faith
Dateline: February 13, 1997
The Scoop: "I am a Scientologist and I don't want to be discriminated against because of religion. I want to feel free to create and work in an environment that other people have a right to."

Headline: Eddie Murphy's Early Morning Embarrassment
Dateline: May 2, 1997
The Scoop: Murphy, seen picking up a passenger who police said was a known transsexual, explained, "The cops pulled me over and said there's a prostitute in the car. I said, 'Hey, I'm just giving her a ride home.' It wasn't like we drove to some dark spot to do something. I was shocked in the morning when it was in the papers because I wasn't arrested."

Headline: Donald Trump's Divorce
Dateline: May 9, 1997
The Scoop: Bob Goen secured the first interview with Donald Trump after the magnate and his wife Marla Maples Trump announced their separation.

Headline: The Streisand-Brolin Engagement
Dateline: May 19, 1997
The Scoop: Entertainment Tonight broke the news that Barbra Streisand and James Brolin are engaged. The story was confirmed for ET by Brolin's spokesperson after ET learned that the couple was out jewelry shopping. Streisand is wearing the diamond engagement ring Brolin purchased for her.

Headline: Naomi Campbell's Drug Overdose Headlines
Dateline: June 16, 1997
The Scoop: "The Canary Islands is not a place where you can call in a doctor, which is what I needed. I had to go to a hospital and be treated. I was taking antibiotics and I had taken a glass of champagne, which I should not have done...and I think that's quite a problem combination...and now the whole thing is being blown out of proportion."

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