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Entertainment Tonight's
Fun Facts

Number of ET broadcasts: 5,000 (on November 10, 2000)

Number of movie premieres ET has covered: 922

Number of Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremonies ET has covered: 190

Number of award ceremonies ET has covered: 360

Number of celebrity birthdays on file: 4,927

Number of stars who have requested that their birthdays not be aired: 128

Number of cassettes in the ET tape vault: 341,470

Number of times Mary Hart has worn pants on the air: 1

Number of pieces of fan mail ET receives: 1,500 per week

Number of non-human guest reporters: 2 (Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy)

Number of celebrities who have penned lyrics to the ET theme song: 4 (Billy Joel, Bill Murray, Barry Manilow, Bruce Willis)

Number of celebrity obituaries ET has broadcast: 436

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