Father, daughter coaching duo leading Glenville State women's basketball team

When Glenville State players took the floor Thursday evening in the Mountain East Conference Tournament, their first year head coach was hoping to get her first tournament win.

In her first year on the bench, Kim Stephens led the Glenville State Pioneers to a first place regular season finish in the Mountain East Conference.

That alone is special enough, but Kim did that with help of someone she knows very well -- her dad.

Kim was once a star on the floor for Glenville State. Now she is on the sidelines, watching her team battle it out against the University of Charleston.

"It’s kind of been just putting one foot in front of the other, and trying to figure it out as we go,” she said.

This is Kim's’ first year as the head coach of the Glenville State women's basketball team. She is picking things up quickly. The lady pioneers were 24-4 in the regular season.

Kim said playing at Glenville has led to her early success at coaching.

"I can actually relate pretty well to what the girls are going through,” she said.

But Kim also credits some of the success this season to one of her assistant coaches, a man she has looked up to her entire life, her dad, Scott Stephens.

"When you get to chase a dream with your kid, it can't get any more fun than that,” Scott said.

Scott has been chasing dreams as a coach since 1999 when he started at Parkersburg South High School. He built a legendary program there, and coached his daughter there for four years and in a way, he is still coaching her today.

"She does a fantastic job with these young ladies, getting them to buy in, and she bonds with them. I'm learning from her actually,” he said.

Scott said he's more of a resource than a coach. Whatever you want to call him, Kim said having her dad on the bench this year has been awesome.

"He’s good at helping me with adjustments on the fly and things like that. He's been a huge huge help,” Kim said.

Basketball runs in the Stephens family. Kim's two older sisters also played basketball for their dad and in college and now Kim’s mom is also helping behind the scenes with the Lady Pioneers.

Glenville State, the top seed in the women's tournament, was knocked off Thursday by the No. 8 seed, the University of Charleston, 65-57.

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