Countdown to Kickoff (Poca): Dots will seek first win in a long time this season

Poca's football program continues to rebuild while in the midst of a long losing streak.

POCA (WCHS/WVAH) - Winning isn't easy. It never has been, but sometimes even the smallest of victories can be the toughest to achieve even for teams with a ton of past success. Poca High School knows this all too well. After a few recent years of struggles, the Dots are ready to move on and start winning in 2017.

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After what he calls the best offseason his team has had, third year head coach Seth Ramsey expects fans to see a different Poca football team than in recent memory.

"I expect us to be a lot more physical than we were last year.I think we're stronger. We have some guys with a little more grit in them. Just getting them reayd to play and the physicality will be better come week one this year."

Historically, Poca has been very successful on the gridiron. They won the Class AA title game three years in a row between 2001 and 2003. But recently have been on a downward trend. Poca hasn't won in their last 37 games. But it's something that motivates Ramsey to get his team to work even harder.

"When you lose big you have to lose small before you can win small. It's all about the process of buying into the program and doing things right. From Janurary to last week we saw over 70 kids in the eight room. And we're starting to see kids buy into what we're doing. It's not going to fix itself over night and I think they're starting to get that."

But sometimes when expectations are at the lowest it can be the best chance to make a statement.

"You can tell things have really changed. People have started listening wanting to get better. We get tired of going in every firday night with a loss."

"Seeing these group of guys come out it was great. It was more than what we've had the last two offseasons and I think we're going to come out and play a lot better than we did last year and give everybody a run for their money."

Personal pride goes a long way for this Poca team a reason why they think the group of guys they have can begin to turn this team around.

"Everybody is out here to make our school look better and live out what people had in the past with six championships from back in the old days."

"We don't give up. If we come out and lose the first game we come back out the next Friday with even more intensity and don't give up."

The Dots hope to end their losing ways in week 1 when they open against Nitro.

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