Countdown to Kickoff (Herbert Hoover): Huskies rebounded nicely in 2016

Herbert Hoover reached the playoffs in 2016 despite incredible odds.

FALLING ROCK (WCHS/WVAH) - Talk about overcoming adversity. Herbert Hoover did just that last year.

Despite the floods that ravaged their community, the Huskies battled and even made it to the Class AA playoffs.

Ben Bailey, a senior lineman and linebacker said, "

"It was very special. Everything was going against us. We stepped up, worked hard and got what we wanted."

"We have a great group of kids here," said head coach Tim Meyer. "Great seniors last year, great seniors this year. They stepped up to the challenge and overcame a lot to have a heck of a football season."

They say football teaches you about life. And there's no question the Huskies learned a lot about themselves in 2016.

"It taught me last year that stuff in life is going to happen, you just have to get over it," said senior wide receiver/defensive back Justin Stover.

Meyer added, "Sports in general teaches discipline, hard work, being part of a team. That's one thing our kids excelled at last year."

Hoover has a lot of holes to fill in 2017.

That means the senior class, which is small, will have to lead the way and teach the younger guys.

Helping them gain that all-important experience while also being patient throughout the process.

"We've got to have them on the field with us Friday nights<" said Bailey. "Going as hard as they can. To be able to go as hard as they can they need to be knowing what they're doing. It only helps us."

The Huskies do have some skill players returning. Rhett White is back at the quarterback position.

He came in late last season when regular starter Chase Stover went down.

While led the Huskies to a must-win over Lincoln County in the regular season finale and a playoff appearance with eventual runner-up Fairmont Senior.

Meyer is excited about his QB.

"I'm more of a grind it out kind of guy but I have a lot of faith in our quarterback and skill guys and our offensive line to protect him. So I think it might be a little bit different this year."

Hoover opens the season at Scott.

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