Countdown to Kickoff (Buffalo): Bison will have new leader in 2017

Brian Batman, a former St. Albans and West Virginia State standout, takes over the successful program at Buffalo.

BUFFALO (WCHS/WVAH) - The Buffalo Bison have been to the Class A playoffs six of the last seven years and earned a pair of 10-0 seasons in 2005 and 2015 under now former head coach Mike Sawyer. But Sawyer is out and former Buffalo assistant Brian Batman is in … and Batman wants nothing but the same.

"We want to continue that tradition and keep winning and make it to the playoffs. Everybody's goal is to make it to Wheeling and these kids are no different becuase that's what they want to do. It our job as a coahcing staff to kind of provide the framework for the kids and get them there. If we get them to work hard enough to get there."

With the new coach comes a new offensive system. Batman says he wants to spread out the offense for 2017…but senior quarterback and four-year starter Ethan Burgess says thankfully the team is full of quick learners...

"It's come along with great success. I think everyone is getting it. Practices are moving along pretty quickly. You have the anticipation at the beginning of the year that, new offense, new defense, new coaches, new scheme, everything new you just don't know how to prepare yourself for it. I think watching our young team tackle they're really improving everyday."

But getting back to the playoffs is the only thing on the Bison's mind coming into 2017.

"As a team you have to build up to that point and peak at the right time and hope everything plays out to the end."

"The sky is the limit. Anything is possible. We could lose it all. We could win it all. We just have to work hard.

Of course the Bison also have a new stadium under construction but isn't supposed to be completed until the last few games of the regular season, and the some of the team is hopeful to get in front of those new lights.

"Yeah I would,"

"Yeah I like the new field and I wouldn't mind playing down here but I woulnd't mind staying at the old field the entire year."

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